Coordinating Board of ITMO University Development Programs

Coordinating Board of Development Programs (The Board) is an advisory body to the head of ITMO University strategic development, including “The Program of ITMO University Development for 2009 – 2018” and “5 - 100”.
Goals and Objectives of the Board
The main goal of the board is the evaluation of the implementation of both programs and offering recommendations for successful realization of the programs. 
Main objectives of the Board include:
  • Monitoring the implementation and results of University’s development programs.
  • Monitoring the participation of the faculty and student body in the implementation of the programs and offering recommendations for improvement.
  • Assessment of the work of those responsible for realization of the programs – head offices of the programs, project managers, heads of research centers, heads of international scientific units, temporary task forces.
  • Discussion of status and results reports for development of recommendations, aimed at raising the effectiveness of programs’ implementation.
  • Forming and coordinating the activities of expert councils and task forces for tackling pressing tasks of the programs.
  • Development of recommendations for finding additional sources of financing of the development programs.
  • Development of suggestions and recommendations about sharing the experience and knowledge acquired as part of the programs between the university’s departments.
  • Forming principles and strategies for collaboration between the university and professional societies, representatives of federal, regional and local government and discussion of the results of collaborating on programs.
  • Forming guidelines and suggestions for informing the scientific and education communities, business community and general public about the course and the results of the programs.
  • Assessing the potential for implementation of the development programs and forming the conditions for sustainable development as well as dissemination of experience and knowledge gained as part of the programs.
The Board includes representatives of the administration as well and scientific and academic units of the university, along with representatives of other organizations.

Vladimir Vasilyev
Head of the Board, Rector

Julia L. Timofeyeva
Secretary of the Board, senior manager, Strategic Planning and Development Unit

Igor Baranov
Director of School of Biotechnology and Cryogenic Systems

Pavel Belov
Dean of Faculty of Physics and Engineering

Alexey Bobtsov
Director of School of Computer Technologies and Controls

Vladislav Bougrov
Director of School of Photonics

Alexander Boukhanovsky
Director of School of Translational Information Technologies

Marianna Chistyakova
Head of Strategic Development Department

Anatoly Fedorov
Director of the Center of Information Optical Technologies, Head of Department of Optical Physics and Modern Natural Science

Andrey Ivanov
Vice Rector for Finance

Sergei Kozlov
Dean of Faculty of Photonics and Optical Information

Daria Kozlova
First Vice Rector

Galina Markina
Head of State and Municipal Tenders Information Support Department

Vladimir Nikiforov
Vice Rector for Research

Vladimir Parfenov
Dean of Information Technologies and Programming Faculty

Irina Popova
Head of Department of Information Technologies

Alexey Romanov
Dean of Faculty of Laser Photonics and Optoelectronics

Semen Shabanin
Chair of Student Council

Anna Veklich
Head of Strategic Communications Department