SAU «Translational Information Technologies»


Head of SAU

Director of  School of Translational Information Technologies
Dr. Sc.
Alexander V. Boukhanovsky

SAU TInT is focused on the following tasks

At the international level:
  • to carry out a search for talented young people and to offer competitive-based training of world-class professionals in the field of advanced ICT, supported by the international consortium of renowned universities and led by ITMO University;
  •  to form an international standardization system of advanced ICT solutions for high tech tasks in complex areas of knowledge (Health, Urban and Social Studies) with the help of the international consortium.
At the national level:
  • to establish advanced scientific and technological potential in the field of breakthrough ICT in order to design in-house market-oriented products and information systems related to national security and socially important areas;
  • to build a world-class national educational center in the field of Software Engineering to train highly qualified specialists for major domestic companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises as a basic driving force of ICT industry of the future.   
ITMO University has received international recognition as a world leader in training elite professionals in Software Development and Internet Technologies. ITMO University’s student teams have won the International Association for Computing Machinery International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM ICPC) six times, and ITMO University students have become one of three strongest teams in the world as four-time and eight-time winners of the Championship of the Russian Federation. 

Strucutre of School of Translational Information Technologies

Information Technologies and Programming Faculty

Dean Vladimir Parfenov
PhD, Professor
Phone: +7 (812) 233-42-98

Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies

Dean Sergei Khoruzhnikov
PhD, Associate Professor
Phone: +7 (812) 457-15-36

eScience Research Institute

Director Alexander Boukhanovsky
ScD, Professor
Phone: +7 (812) 909-31-56

Institute of Translational Medicine

Director Alexandra Konradi
ScD, Professor
Phone: +7 (812) 702 37 33

Institute of Design & Urban Studies

Sergey Mityagin
Phone: +7(812)457-18-01

Institute of Cyber Technologies for Financial Systems

Maria Sigova

International Research Units

SAU Research Activities

eScience information models, computational methods, algorithms, software and ICT infrastructure for interdisciplinary R&D

eKnowledge computational methods, algorithms, software tools and infrastructure to extract, assimilate, interpret and apply knowledge from very large volumes of data (BigData)

eHealth application of eScience and eKnowledge methods and technologies for applied problem solving in Translational Medicine and Public Health

eCity application of eScience and eKnowledge methods and technologies for the development of approaches to design, management and planning of modern "Smart" Cities

eSociety application of eScience and eKnowledge methods and technologies focused on Social and Human Sciences using data from social networks

SAU TINT Top Majors

  • Software Engineering and Service Design,
  • Information and Communication Technologies,
  • Speech Information Systems,
  • Supercomputer Technologies in Interdisciplinary Research,
  • Big Data and Extreme Computing.

SAU TINT International Master’s Degree Programs