SAU «School of Photonics»


Director of School of Photonics
Vladislav Bougrov

SAU “ITMO Photonics” is focused on the following tasks:

The purpose of establishing “ITMO Photonics” is to maintain an advanced scientific and technological body of knowledge and to train highly qualified and well educated professionals in the breakthrough field of photonics of information-communication systems (PICS).

At the international level:

to deliver breakthrough scientific results in three key areas

  • Advanced Materials of Photonics
  • Ultra-fast Optical and Quantum Informatics
  • Laser Systems and Technologies

through cooperation with leading international scientific and industrial institutions in the field.

At the national level:

1) to develop and implement competitive technologies for protected optical and quantum networks, satellite quantum communication, components of an integrated semiconductor photonics for all-optical analog-to-digital convertors, new materials for "green" photonics, optical coherence tomography, metamaterials, new glass for fiber lasers and high-power LEDs, and laser technology for medicine and ecology, in cooperation with leading industrial partners, including Khrunichev State Research and Production Space Center, Vavilov State Optical Institute, Central Research Institute «Cyclone», RTI Group, and Open-code LLC,. In particular, a system for ultrafast quantum communication via fiber optic lines will be developed, and prototypes of quantum networks with complex topology will be built for various regions of the Russian Federation, as elements of a future national quantum network infrastructure.

2) to raise up internationally-recognized professionals in the field of photonics - the Russian industry of the future.

The 21st century is the era of photonics, as the 20th century was the electronic era, and the 19th was the steam era. Photonic technologies have a major impact on the World and Russian economy. The development of compact, low-cost and high-performance photonic devices has important practical significance for energy efficient data storage, communication and computing to address an ever increasing need for power saving systems for computer and internet use in the 21 st century.

ITMO University is a world-class center of optical science and technology and informatics. It is the leading institution in Russia in the field of Photonics and a unique worldwide resource of advanced photonics materials. It introduced the first quantum network in Russia and is the only Russian university invited to participate in the European Technology Platform: Photonics21. SAU “ITMO Photonics”, with its strong research focus, has brought together leading scientists in the field of photonics.


Faculty of Photonics and Optical Information

ScD, Professor
Sergei Kozlov
Phone:+7 (812) 232-14-67

Faculty of Applied Optics

PhD, Associate Professor
Alexey Bakholdin
Phone: +7 (812) 595-41-65

Faculty of Laser Photonics and Optoelectronics

Faculty of Physics and Engineering

Pavel Belov

Research Units of School of Photonics


The School of Photonics as part of the PICS initiative will implement a research program in three related areas

Advanced Photonics Materials advanced photonics materials covering a spectrum from X-rays through to UV, visible, and IR up to radio diapason will be processed and new synthesis technologies, new types of nanomaterials, e.g. nanowhiskers and nanoheterostructures, including those integrated with silicon substrates; hybrid quantum nanocrystals synthesized via colloidal root; nanostructured metamaterials with unusual optical properties; bulk materials growth techniques from a liquid phase or sol-gel precursors for glass-ceramics photonics media and advanced crystalline oxides, e.g. Ga2O3

Ultrafast Optical and Quantum Informatics Methods and systems for superfast transmission of information via super short optical signals through multi-core optical fibers. Ultrafast optical switches for information flow exploring the pulses with a small number of oscillations. Wireless information transmission in THz spectrum range The integration of quantum computing systems and logic elements in the optical and THz communication systems

 Laser Systems and Technologies Laser physics, laser engineering, and laser technologies. generation of ultrashort optical pulses of picosecond and sub-picosecond diapason; laser system dynamics for information analysis and processing including optical neuron networks and optical switches. Solid state lasers with a negligible laser beam divergence

In December 2015, ITMO University became the organizer of the Quantum Consortium that included 16 educational and commercial organizations in Russia. The University became a participant of the Terahertz Consortium among 29 organizations from Russia and 43 international ones.

ITMO University is a national leader in training highly qualified specialists in the area of Photonics, instrument-making, optical and biotechnical systems and technologies. As an essential institution in the Federal Educational and Methodical association in this field, ITMO University shares the best educational practices and technologies in the field of "Optical Engineering", "Photonics and optoinformatics", "Laser instruments and laser technologies". At the moment, “ITMO Photonics” is home to about 15% of the student body and 29% of the University’s PhD students. Educational programs, implemented in partnership with leading Russian and international scientific and educational centers, are being developed. Internationalization of education is enhanced by joint educational programs.

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