The strategic academic units of ITMO University

In 2016, in accordance with the recommendations of ITMO’s 5-100 International Council, a system of Strategic Academic Units (SAUs) was introduced in the university. The main goal of creating the SAU system was to focus expertise and resources of the University to increase its international competitive ability and attain global leadership in particular fields.
At ITMO University, the SAUs take the form of Schools - a new type of unit based on the principle of synergy of science, education and engineering. They are to be highly autonomous in terms of developing scientific projects and educational programs, distribution of financial and material resources, engaging scientific, educational and administrative staff.
The academic activities of these SAU focus on three complex directions:

  • Translational information technologies - the School focuses on interdisciplinary information and communication projects and training personnel for the IT-industry of the future
  • Photonics - the School focuses on photonics in information and communication systems.
  • Computer Technologies and Controls - the School focuses on design and intelligent control of cyber-physical systems.